About Nathalie Salles, PCC, MBA

I help global leaders (and teams) elevate their innate excellence in order to make dynamic progress toward  specific goals, strategies, or vertical growth vision.

Executives who work with me:

  • are top-tier leaders with big ideas
  • are amazingly gifted from a technical perspective
  • want to accelerate positive transformation and rapid growth in their organization
  • need to strengthen, deepen, and humanize their leadership skills

I help these professionals recognize and reframe unconscious patterns, resulting in them becoming more effective, multidimensional leaders.

I am trusted for my ability to create results, which I bring about through careful listening, a deep understanding of human dynamics, compassionate directness, setting high expectations, and an eye continually kept on actionable, practical outcomes.

Clients often call me their strategic “second brain” and their “secret weapon.”

Individual clients have seen results in the form of rapid promotions (sometimes multiple promotions in the space of just two short years) as well as markedly improved professional and personal relationships.

Corporate clients have saved millions, and in some cases earned millions of additional dollars, while simultaneously strengthening, sharpening, and reinvigorating their teams.

I work with high profile Silicon Valley tech companies and global brands, such as: T-Mobile, NASA, Shell Oil, Fairchild Semiconductor, 3M, Harley-Davidson, Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Pure Storage, and more.
I specialize in:

  • International business
  • Team assessment and alignment
  • Leadership development
  • Organizational change
  • 360-degree evaluation
  • Emotional Intelligence

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