My Story

Born and raised in Paris, the daughter of a highly successful corporate executive, I identified a knack for coaching at an incredibly young age. I was already coaching by age 16, and I started working with stressed-out prep school students while earning my MBA.

My father taught me early to respect and admire the world of business and to recognize the potential impact a leader can have—positive or negative—on their employees, their families, and, ultimately, on the world.

At 19 I wrote my first manifesto and defined my life’s strategic purpose: to support high-level leaders in connecting to their ability to make a difference by making the world a better place. I look back at that 19-year-old and see an idealist with no fear. And while I grew to have a much more mature, nuanced, realistic, and savvy understanding of the world, I like that the integrity of that early idealism remains in how I approach my life and my work now.

After completing my initial graduate degree in Paris, I worked there for a few years before, on a whim, I moved to San Francisco to cofound Learning As Leadership. In 2009, I realized the world was changing. I wanted to learn more about the challenges the globe was facing, so I took a risk and worked part-time in order to return to school and study sustainability.

This re-tethered me to my earliest ideals and initial vision for working with high-level leaders to create sustainable practices, protocols, and policy. I believe that we all have a responsibility to the greater global good and that integrity in leadership is the place where sustainability and profitability meet and mutually thrive.

model-results-focused-business-transformationTo that end, I have created a business that helps exceptional leaders claim and leverage their excellence—for their own good and for the greater good. I excel at helping leaders tap into higher (previously hidden or unrecognized) human potential—their own, and that of their teams. I am happiest when seeing people make connections regarding what’s possible and then beginning to behave their way into that new path.

My unique pyramid of expertise:

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