My Philosophy

I believe that an exceptional leader is a conscious leader. All human beings interpret reality through a set of stories (or lenses) that color their perception and influence their decisions and actions. Exceptional leaders take the time to identify and evaluate the stories through which they view life. They hold on to the stories that elevate their excellence while simultaneously restructuring and/or letting go those that limit their optimal potential.

Exceptional leaders already ARE powerful; they just sometimes need support in fully stepping into that power and owning it with integrity. Every human, and every leader, needs a space where they can safely unpack what is stuck, reconnect to self, and receive support while behaving their way into new understanding, evolution, or expansion. I help guide executives on that journey to personal and professional excellence.

As a result, powerful executives become conscious leaders. They see and take responsibility for the impact of their behavior, mindset, and choices. They develop the ability to discern what’s important from what is not. They are deliberate; able to take smart, calculated risks; and can remain focused in the face of uncertainty. They keep their teams engaged and motivated. These are the leaders that people eagerly and loyally follow, leaders who drive progress forward with fortitude and vision.

Exceptional leaders have faith in the unique way their instincts and expertise intersect. THIS is what makes them both professionally effective and personally compelling.

Exceptional leaders understand that they do not create results by themselves but rather do so through the efforts of strong, energized teams working in symbiosis. They know that talent management is their top priority in this modern business era and that a lack of results is often the by-product of team dynamics in disarray. Exceptional leaders therefore build teams where each member is supported to live up to her/his full potential. Such leaders know well that it takes patience, determination, dynamic people skills, and honed business savvy to create result-generating teams.

And through it all, exceptional leaders stay connected to business results and leverage any crisis or change as an opportunity to learn and grow. Every experience is examined for its potential to inform and drive continuous improvements, personally and professionally.

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