My Credentials

Leveraging 30 years of coaching experience and training, I assist executives who want to rise to new levels of exceptional leadership by:

  • refining their strengths
  • overcoming internal roadblocks
  • owning their power
  • achieving results they would never have previously dreamed possible


  • International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Coach Certification (PCC)
  • MBA in the elite Sustainable Business program at Bainbridge Graduate Institute
  • MBA equivalent from Université Paris Dauphine (top business university in France)
  • Graduate degree in Evidenced Based Coaching
  • Certification: Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
  • Certification: Leadership Versatility Index
  • Studied Sociology at University Paris Sorbonne
  • Master Certification in Intuition Medicine
  • Additional coursework in psychoneuroimmunology applications, rational behavior therapy, somatic work, communication, and conflict resolution


  • Cofounded Abundant Strategic, a high-result executive coaching firm
  • Cofounded Learning As Leadership (LAL), an 18-year-old leadership development training firm
  • Coached and partnered with hundreds of leaders representing a very wide variety of industries, functions, and types of ownership, including:
    • CEOs and presidents, as well as executives in operations, sales and marketing, IT, HR, R&D, and product development
    • IT, energy, manufacturing, lumber, distribution, aviation, and consumer goods industries
    • Publically traded, private equity, nonprofit, and government organizations
  • Trained executive coaches in France, Canada, and the US
  • As Vice President of Sales, built long-term, trust-based relationships with top executives via multimillion-dollar, multiyear contracts
  • Worked as a professional coach, group facilitator, and sales manager with ACC in Paris leading training programs that prepared students to attend the top business schools in Europe
  • Served as an international sales liaison between the French ACC and the US and Canadian divisions
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