Deep 360° Evaluation

If you want sharper insight, you need a better lens. My signature Deep 360° Evaluation process eliminates blind spots by illuminating critical yet nuanced dynamics of work performance that are often entirely left out of traditional 360° Evaluations.

On the surface, standard 360° evaluations seem comprehensive, but the truth is — the traditional 360° format leaves huge gaps in the insight-gathering process. As a result, executives and their teams are left with a basic outline of performance trends (e.g., what someone is doing right/wrong) but without actual insight into why a person is performing in those ways.

Without the context of why, core understanding is lost regarding how to best sustain positive professional behavior while simultaneously shifting negative or limiting performance behaviors (i.e., the same behavior or issue might manifest for five different employees but for five vastly different reasons). Understanding the unique why of each employee’s performance powerfully positions leaders to implement the right strategy for improvement and change.

My Deep 360° Evaluation process delves into the spaces between and behind standard 360 insights, shining a light on the deeper, critical information needed to yield a more accurate and actionable evaluation outcome.

To learn more about my unique Deep 360° Evaluation process and how it can help elevate you and/or your team, let’s connect.

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