Why A "Bad" Performance Review Is GREAT For Your Career

It can feel like a punch in the gut … that awkward moment when a performance review turns negative.

Perhaps you saw it coming (at least on some level). Or maybe it’s a complete blindside. Either way, hearing negative feedback about your professional performance is never easy. Especially when it IS a surprise.

I’ve seen countless leaders log good reviews year after year and then suddenly — a bad one.

Sometimes there is a change of boss and that new supervisor doesn’t like you (or value your skill sets) as much; or they don’t notice the genuine positive difference you make.

Other times you perhaps focused on one area of your responsibilities and did not pay as much attention to others.

Or maybe, the matters called into question fell outside your locus of control, like an employee doing something wrong, yet you still got pinged for it.

However the bad review came about, it is nerve-wracking to receive accolades one year and frowns the next.

But don’t let the situation deflate you, or derail you from doing your best at work.

In fact, sometimes a bad review is actually a blessing in disguise – providing you with a career-altering moment to transform, shine and stand out.

HOW you ask? Well, it isn’t the review that defines you, but rather – how you respond to it!

So, here’s how to transform a “bad” review into the BEST thing that ever happened to your career …

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